We’re hiring! Data geeks and news hackers

We’re looking for data analysts and coders to join the BDN’s new Research & Innovation Department.

The BDN is dedicated to rethinking how “legacy” media operate. If you enjoy working on multiple projects with different focuses in quick succession you’ll enjoy working here. We want people who understand how to build tools people will use and who are interested in changing user habits for the better.

Coding projects include tracking digital users into the physical space, reinventing how the company thinks about its systems and running the highest-traffic news site in Maine, plus the ideas you bring to the company. Data projects will run the gamut from audience data collection to reach new customers, to business analyses that identify areas for growth to leading the newsroom in data-based reporting.

R&I is a new department that operates as a startup inside the BDN responsible for product development, technology and leading the company in making data- and research-based decisions.

We like to move aggressively and quickly at the BDN. We avoid bureaucracy and encourage transparency. We open source things when we can (read: when we’re not too embarrassed). The BDN is family-owned (no corporate overlords). It’s big enough to have resources and impact but not so huge you can’t ever get anything done.

To apply, email jholmes@bangordailynews.com. If you’d like more details, feel free to email me directly at wdavis@bangordailynews.com.

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