I wanted to credit a few people who were immensely helpful in getting the site up and running.

I’m William P. Davis, online editor at the Bangor Daily News. Todd Benoit is Director of News and New Media, and Martha Ward is Product Manager.

Mo Jangda, who now works for Automattic, which runs, wrote the Zoninator.

Juan Carlos Sanchez wrote the C plugin that integrates WordPress with InDesign.

Mark Jaquith, a lead dev for WordPress, and Ryan Duff provided much-needed freelance support.

We manage our servers in conjunction with Firehost. WPEngine is also a great host that we used for a time until we decided to go self-hosted.

Andrew Nacin, Daniel Bachhuber and Scott Bressler fielded a multitude of questions and developed excellent plugins.

Everyone, including Daniel, at CoPress who truly broke ground in this area.

And, especially, everyone who has ever contributed to WordPress core.

Open Source is superior because of the community around it.

4 thoughts on “Credits”

  1. Wow! I’ve been looking at finding ways to integrate Google Docs into WordPress for a college newspaper for some time now. This sounds really fantastic and could certainly fit well with our current use of Google Spreadsheets and forms for the paper’s budgetary needs.

    I checked out the repos on github, but I was wondering you all were also making available the InDesign plugin Juan Carlos Sanchez wrote in C? Really really great work here. Nicely done.

    1. We are working to make everything open source, but don’t have a timeline currently. Glad you like it!

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